Women Power

The crowd waited with bated breath. Who would be this year's winner? There were talks about a new team participating in this brutally tough racing challenge. The car reached the finishing line to a thunderous applause and some shocked faces. The women smiled. Why should boys have all the fun?

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A ‘Y’elp of ‘Y’earning

They were rushed to a nearby hospital by passersby’s. Both kept mumbling the same name “Roshni Didi” in their incoherent state, who was immediately called. They had escaped with minor injuries and thanked God for their luck. Almost instantly, Roshni Didi was by their side. She held them close and sobbed inconsolably. They narrated their… Continue reading A ‘Y’elp of ‘Y’earning


Faith – A Poem

Faith is when GOD trusts a human,to bring a child into the world.Faith is when we trust in ourselves,to raise this child to the best of our abilities.Faith is when we don't succumb,to life's trials and tribulations.Faith is when we keep smiling,in every situation life put's us through.Faith is when however grim a situation,we look… Continue reading Faith – A Poem